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Meet the Catios and Coops carpenter and owner:

Jonathan Bowser

It’s important to know who you’re working with, so we thought we’d take todays post to meet the craftsman himself!
Starting off in Arizona, Jonathan has always had excitement for the outdoors and wildlife. So much so he’s spent most of his career as a conservation biologist and spending the off season as a carpenter. 
From the high hills of New Mexico to the Great Plains of South Dakota,

he’s ventured to various places to study wildlife disease ecology and contribute to conservation efforts. Now, while still helping with wildlife conservation in the summer months he is using his unique carpenter skills to help those animals closer to home through Catios and Coops!

Meet the Team


Lead Product Test

Wall-nut's innate climbing, jumping, hiding and sprinting capabilites makes even the most advanced catio and enrichment designs seem easy! She is truely the best product tester this company has ever seen!


Manager/ Quality Control

Always making a point to schedule meetings and quickly inspect new projects, Dae-Z has proven to be a tough but fair manager of the Catios and Coops team. She's a hard worker but also knows how to nap hard. 



Don't let her wiggly tail nub or playful attitude fool you, this employee knows how to secure the perimeter of any and all treats! She is the first one on the scene of a major food spill or even the sound of a bag opening. We are grateful for such a hardworking employee!



Lead Hole Digger

Though Atlas is now working from home in Sacramento, he still enjoys helping his uncle Jonathan with projects, primarily digging holes! Why spend an hour digging 3 holes when you can spend just one hour trying to dig 1 hole with Atlas?! His large feet and nose do the best job of slowly and thoroughly inspecting the dirt. He is truely something else!



Lead Cheerleader and Support

Although she'd rather spend her time exploring the great outdoors with her husband and Catios and Coops owner, Jonathan, she is always happy to spend some time on social media, website design, or snack time prep for the rest of the team. Looking for a baked good to go with your project? She's your gal!

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